Services Offered


Have FameBooking Professionals, which include professional athletes, authors, artists, restaurateurs, tv personalities, and much more, come to your personal or company event. This is a great way have an unforgettable experience. These Professionals are excited to mingle with you or your guests and have a good time. Spice up a birthday party, fantasy football draft, company cookout with these local celebrities. Or maybe just grab lunch with one. When booking a FameBooking Professional for an appearance there is a one hour minimum booking with additional hours available for purchase. We have Professionals priced $100 and up for an appearance in your local metro area.

Speaking Engagement

Are you in charge of planning a program for your business, church, organization or school? Consider the excitement that would be generated by having one of our legendary personalities speak to your audience. Motivational speeches can have such a positive effect on coworkers, teammates, or students. How great would it be to have a football player rev up your team before the big game? Question and Answer sessions are always a great way to get everyone involved. Having a notable public speaker can help greatly when selling tickets to help fundraise for your organization’s event. Speaking engagements come with a standard 30-45 timeframe. We have Professionals priced $150 and up for a speech in your local metro area.

Public Signings

Having public signing at your place of business can certainly motivate people to come into your store and check out what services you have to offer. Who wouldn’t want to come meet a MLB All Star, NFL Alumnus, or local celebrity? Whether you charge for the signing or provide the service for free to attendees, this type of event is always a crowd pleaser as people love to interact with famous people. The souvenir that your guests take home with them will always remind them of your business in a favorable way! We have Professionals priced $400 and up for a Public autograph signing in the your local metro area.

Private Signings

These private signings are for sports memorabilia dealers or the super fan! So get your Meet up with a baseball, football, basketball, or a local celebrity for an autograph signing. This is not meant to be a store signing or for a large event event. If you want that then go with a public signing. We have Professionals priced $100 and up for a Private Autograph Signing in your local metro area.